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Games & Computer

"An interactive arduino project. Basically it is a desk-top 4 X 7 inch installation art that shows random patterns of lights using a 8x8 REG LED matrix. And it has a 8X8 keypad controlling the lights, when you interact with the buttons, certain lights will toggle and makes it a puzzle game that you aim to light up all the lights. Besides the randomized initial configuration every time you enter the game mode, I also programed some easier levels for players to get the hang of the game mechanism."


Yasheng She - Weather Mirror


A smart mirror that shows the weather of the day when you are putting on makeup or before you leave home.



Xinyu Fan - Xinyu's corner


"My instillation will be a collection of my work across different mediums-- from print, to video, to a live performance! Most of my works are about comic drawing and animations, and I plan on bringing my digital piano and playing some songs along with my display. Both painting and playing piano are my hobbies since I was a child, and I'm so excited to show them. [I also have two documentaries: one is about traditional Chinese shadow play and one is about traditional Chinese martial art, both are made with my classmates during my undergrads, but I think their style might not be suitable for my whole theme."


Zhihua Wu - Shadow(1:20)

A short anime film. A lovely story about giving and receiving.


Theo Goetemann - Sound Mapping

Hear geospatial datasets around DC. For anything out of our hearing, touch, smell, or taste range, we rely on vision to perceive distance. How far is Noma from Georgetown? We use google maps. Where are post offices located DC? Well.. no one asks that anymore; the point being, our perception of distance is almost entirely reliant on sight. "Sound Mapping" loads two csv files, positions the listener at a location from one of the files facing north, and emits a sound whose volume and panning (source direction) are dependent on the locations of the entities in the other dataset. Paired with geospatial datasets from the city's open data portal, "Sound Mapping" is an unconventional way to perceive distance across an entire city.


Shavini Fernando -Miss PacMan

Computer Game


Julia Hennrikus - The Spirit of Georgetown


The Spirit of Georgetown is a short 16-second flip book animation. It is originally drawn on notecards, able to be hand flipped. The video is animated with the use of the software Dragon Frame.

The Idea: I have always loved how dogs often reflect their owners in personality and even in looks. Man’s best friend is a window into a person’s own identity. One Sunday I was sitting in mass listening to Fr. Hentz when an epiphany hit me. The idea for my flip book came to fruition. I metamorphosed the two essential spirits of Georgetown together, the Jesuit Priest and Jack the Bulldog.


Holly Koch - Family Movie Night

A collection of various short films/videos made by Holly Koch, and other CCT students, set up in a on a projector. "There won't be a theme to the videos because I want people to feel that they can submit anything, rather than fitting within constraints." I grew up in one of the few towns that still has a drive-in theater and would love to recreate that feeling of community while watching the videos we have created.