1. To create a forum for Georgetown students to display and present their artistic work (music, art, film, performance).
  2. To design an event with a playful, festive atmosphere, rather than a strictly academic event.
  3.  To incorporate aspects of design thinking and reflective pedagogy into the submission, curation and creative process leading up to the event. 
  4. To engage the larger Georgetown audience, creating an opportunity for students to exhibit their work outside of their peers, faculty, or department. 
  5. To expose members of the Georgetown and DC community to thought-provoking and innovative forms of art and new media.

"MIXED MEDIA", you say

Media Fest has no strict guidelines in terms of the types of works we would like to showcase at this event. However, a guiding theme of the event is the playful remixing and reinterpretation of traditional boundaries between media, and in particular the boundaries between art and technology/new media (inspired by the event's roots in the Communications, Culture and Technology program).

We encourage students to submit any work that they are proud of, in whatever medium and format, and we will make it our mission to support you in thinking/rethinking about how your work engages with it's audience, what mediums or media it is using and why, and how it can be remixed or represented in a way that is new and surprising to you and your audience. 

The Process

> Georgetown students submit a brief abstract and/or prototype of their work for review by a committee of Georgetown faculty across multiple different departments.

> The faculty reviewers and Media Fest organizers provide written feedback to students, challenging them to think deeply about the kind of experience or meaning they want to convey to their audience, and to experiment with new avenues in terms of materials and methods. 

> Contributing artists remain engaged in an iterative process of improvement and exploration, meeting with other the other artists and Media Fest organizers for "workshop time", an installation consultation, and most importantly a final "critique" among all the artists in the weeks leading up to the event, providing an opportunity for final tweaks and improvements.